Graphics Lab

Bezier Curve Factory Studio

A toy to help understand how control points determine a Bezier curve.

The tool enables you to move the control points, set the number of control points and to trace the curve.

Still from the Bezier curve tool


I like to let points wander over a plane, leaving traces somewhere in the line of Pollock drip paintings.

Images on Flickr created with this technique. Explosive version on Codepen.

Manhattan Kaleidoscope

A toy/tool to create symmetrical patterns, using a technique simulating a kaleidoscope. The toy becomes a tool if you are a pyama fabric designer, in which case you'll find the Facebook share option very useful.

The symmetry based on right angles creates a grid resembling the streetmap of Manhattan. That explains the name.

Collage of kaleidoscope patterns

Is that all?

More lab results are expected shortly. Follow me on Twitter to get notified.